hand made wig VS machine made wig-Moana hair

Three reasons why I use a wig sewing machine to make wigs

  • If you want to enhance production efficiency and generate more money as a hair salon owner/hair designer/hairstyle/self-employed. Making wigs with a machine is a better option for you than producing wigs by hand.
  • Machine-made wigs offer various benefits over conventional hand-made wigs:

    1. Increased manufacturing speed

    Using machines can produce wigs quicker than human hands, allowing for better customer service and increased manufacturing efficiency. It takes 2-4 hours or more to produce wigs by hand, while it just takes 40 minutes to make wigs by machine.

    2, Reduced time expenses

    That might mean saving time, producing more wigs for consumers, and earning more money.

    3, More Precision

    Machines can accurately cut and assemble wigs, guaranteeing that each wig fulfills the customer's specifications.

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